Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams

As you all know, Robin Williams 

was an incredibly funny man.

As you may also know, he had his demons.

Did he kill himself? 

It would appear to be so.

The mind is a terribly fragile thing.

Those of us that struggle with depression

can understand the desire for the release

of the mental angst that is associated with this condition.

I just want to let you know that there are other

ways to find release from the crushing weight

of depression and sadness.

And yes I am qualified to speak on this topic.

I have been suicidal, and also struggle with depression.

The answer is to stop looking inward for a time

and instead, help other people with their reality.

What I mean is this.

Volunteer at your local homeless shelter.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter.

Knock on your neighbors door and offer to help

them with anything that they may need.

What is that you say?

You don't know your neighbors?

Maybe that is part of the problem.

With the social media website known as

Facebook now worth a staggering 200 Billion

dollars, one has to assume that what people want

and need is to feel connected. They want to feel

like they are apart of the process of life and that

they and their opinions matter.

I'll let you in on a little secret, THEY DO!

We are all part of the same world and energy

field and all of our existences are interrelated.

The more you do for others, the more that you

do for yourself. Trust me. This works.

Many of what the world would describe as

terrible human beings were self serving.

Many of what the world would describe as

amazing and imitation worthy humans were

very altruistic and spent their lives in the service

of others. If you do not feel satisfied with your 

life, do less for yourself and more for any other

living thing on this planet. It works.

A side note for everyone not consumed by

depression, your friends that are won't always

tell you. Actually they quite often will tell

you that they are fine. And if you are any kind

of real friend, you will know that they are lying.

Call them out! It may be your last chance to do so.

Love unconditionally.

Trust more.

Laugh more.

Volunteer more.

Life is short enough without us speeding

the process up with suicide.

Be more compassionate to your fellow man.

Reach out to strangers often and treat them like friends.

The life you save, may be your own.

I love you.

I care about you.

And I always will.

- joe