Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stories I Can't Tell My Kids Yet - A Book by Author Joe Holt

Stories I Can't Tell My Kids Yet 

A Book by 
Author Joe Holt

author joe holt

The newest book by Author Joe Holt

has just been released on Kindle and

will be available in print in a week.

Also, there is a book release party at the 

"Kona Stories Bookstore"

words and wine

in Keauhou, Hi. on the Big Island 

on Sept. 2nd 2014.

With the following chapter titles in this

book, it's easy to see how these are stories

that I can not tell my kids yet!

01. The Benefits of Traumatic Brain Injury and Dissociative Amnesia 
02. I was Raped and Physically Abused in a Forced Child Labor Camp 
03. Cold Running Water Stops Bleeding 
04. Horses, Cattle, and B-O-L-O-G-N-A 
05. Muay Thai Kickboxing and The Karate Kid 
06. Meeting My Blood Family at Age 15 
07. Racial Integration in North Carolina 
08. The Discovery Channel and a Circular Saw 
09. In a King’s Court 
10. Peanuts and Beer Equals Coyote Ugly 
11. Bacon Saved My Life 
12. Hot Wax and Hookers 
13. A Marine Committed Suicide and How We Can Help Stop This Trend 
14. My Mental Breakdown 
15. I Survived Being Run Over by a Car 
16. Medical Marijuana— What’s the Big Deal? 
17. Green Fairy Knocking 
18. Rescuing and Rehabilitating Tortured Dogs 
19. You Can Take the Four Felonies or We Can Fight— Either is Fine with me 
20. I Guess I’m Not Actually Superman 
21. I am a California State Fishing Record Holder and World Fishing Network Ambassador 
22. I Survived the Road to Hāna 
23. A Retired Marine, a Thug, a Locksmith, and a Police Officer Walk Into a Condo 
24. Craigslist, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Dating, and Why That’s a Bad Combination 
25. Communal Living Can Be an Explosive Situation 
26. The Green Flash 
27. I Saved Two Kids From Drowning and Almost Died 
28. Magic Sands Beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i 
29. Music is Life and The Band SOJA 
30. Homeless People Are Still People 
31. I Cracked My Phurba in Half 
32. Helpful Information About Autism