Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Audiobooks from Author Joe Holt

Author Joe Holt

has recently released two new Audiobooks

and has five more in the works!

Joe Holt on Audible

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Just to be clear,

there is a Audiobook Narrator

with the name Joe Holt.

That is not me.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Kindle Book From Author Joe Holt - Gordy the Ferret

A New Kindle Book From Author Joe Holt 

Gordy the Ferret

Gordy the Ferret

Aloha all!

I have just published my first of many, Children's Books.

Gordy the Ferret is the inspiring and courageous tale

of a small ferret named Gordy

and the challenges that he overcame 

to finally live the life of his dreams.

This book was written as a way to encourage

humans, to show equal respect  

to all living things.

You can get your Kindle copy

Aloha and thank you for reading!

Author Joe Holt

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I just published "The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf!"

"The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf!"

I have been trying to publish my Godfather's Biography for over a year through traditional means. Given that none of us are getting any younger, I decided to go with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Try as I might, I have already found a typo. Given that I did my absolute best on this project, I am not beating myself up about it. I hope you can all enjoy an incredible story!

The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf was written to preserve, if even in a small way, the legacy and incredible stories of one of the American immigrant families that came to this country via Steam Ship around the 1900s. They arrived at a time when this country was just beginning to bloom, and was then hit with two world wars. They stepped up, served their country, and built lasting legacies here by hard work and grit. They paid their taxes and didn't ask for handouts. They didn't resort to a life of crime. They pulled up their sleeves and worked hard to build their own version of the "American Dream."

You can get the Kindle version of the book now and the paperback is being published very soon. Just keep checking back on my Amazon Author Page for availability.

Author Joe Holt

Friday, December 16, 2016

Aloha and Happy Holidays from Author Joe Holt in Colorado!


Greetings all of you beautiful people!

Author Joe Holt here.

I just wanted to tell all of you that I am writing again!

With my Godfather's Biography in production, I have decided to start writing my

first ever fiction novel! I have a few chapters started and I couldn't even tell you

which way the wind blows. Weather can be a fickle creature, just like our own minds.

If you are looking for a book of short stories, please allow me to recommend

If you are seeking a life changing walk-about on a tropical island, how about

If you want to change yourself, or the world, how about the Pulitzer Prize nominated

In closing, I would just like to recommend that you #readabook.

Any book.

The life you change, may be your own!

All of my books are in #kindle and #paperback as well as #audiobooks

To find out more about my current projects, go to

Aloha for now my friends.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election is a scam that has been bought and paid for by the Rothschilds

The U.S. Congress and the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the Rothschild's and their "Federal Reserve."  It is way more obvious now that this has continued as even the Supreme Court has ruled that "news" agencies can legally fabricate stories. And guess who appoints Supreme Court Judges? The President does. And while your looking around, how many times have the news agencies been married to people that work in key international positions in Congress?

With the Rothschild's running all but three of the World's central banks and worth an estimated $350 billion, how much freedom is there really in the world? And why aren't they on any of the "World's Richest People" lists? And in case you were wondering, the last couple of countries central banking systems that they have acquired are, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

O wait, you recognize those names do you? Do you know who is next? Well the only three they don't own yet are, wait for it...... Iran, North Korea, and China. O and would you know who is supposedly firing off rockets and has nukes? You guessed it; Iran and North Korea. Want to know why China isn't on that list? Because they own us. They own the national debt, and guess who owns the Federal Reserve? Yes, the Rothschild's own it. And guess who owns the U.S. Congress? And guess who's military has now invaded the last three countries who's banking systems have been bought? And guess which countries are next? This isn't a conspiracy. This is fact. There is empirical data to support every word of it.

Try going to the Federal Reserve's website. It is a .gov website. But it is not government at all. It is privately held by a few families. The Rothschild's are the main family in the equation and they started banking in Germany around 1760. They have been designing the current world banking system for over 200 years. Last year alone the Fed. Reserve increased the total U.S. currency in circulation by %15. Wouldn't it be great to just print more cash at home when you wanted to be richer? Now are you surprised that the richest family in the world, is the one printing the money?

The real problem is that the system of brainwashing and apathy is working. The only way to send a message this year, is to not vote AT ALL for President. Even when you vote, there is corruption and they pick whomever they want anyway. If everyone boycotted the obvious bullshit political/banking system that now runs our government and world, then we will at least have a starting point. Of course ending the legal right to have corporations funding politics and writing laws that are passed by lifetime politicians, would help.
How does that saying go for recovery from addiction? Something like, 
"The first step is to admit that you have a problem." 
Pretty sure the second is, 
"Do something about it."
the Presidential Race is a Scam

#seperationofbankingandstate #voteofnoconfidence #donotvote #uscongressforsaletohighestbidder #endthefederalreserve

Monday, August 10, 2015

Water Shortage in California?; Or, Depends on Who You Know?

Water Shortage;


Or, Depends on Who You Know?

Is there really a water shortage in California at the moment? I would say, no. There is only the diverting of extremely large percentages of the water to "For Profit" industries, combined with a genuine lack of rain over the last decade or more.

I just lived in Salinas Valley, Ca. for six months. I lived in the valley where it was so dangerous to even walk around my house, that I was almost jumped twice in three walks. Obviously I chose a different location for future strolls. But, my point is this, last year the Salinas Valley produce industry was worth 5 Billion dollars. That's Billion with a B. Miles and miles of green crops that look perfect in every way. Hundreds, if not thousands of Hispanic People of many nationalities are bent over in the fields every day of the week. They live in violent, crowded, under policed, dilapidated housing. This last Fourth of July was so crazy that military drones were flown over the city just to try and record and track the chaos. I spoke with one Salinas Police Officer the day after and I told him that even though I could see the police station from my apt., I only saw one or two police cars the entire night, and only as the went speeding by. He said "WTF did you expect us to do about it? The city was under siege."

My point is this, I drive out of bright green fields, through a few small cities to get to my Godfather Interviews. There are stalled housing developments, failed well sites, failed de-salination projects, and a general lack of water. Even the rich folks in Pebble Beach, Carmel, ect. are having to conserve. It seems only the industrial machine had enough money and or influence to control the water.

I have lived in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado recently, and in every state, water was a commodity. There are more and more regulations put on individuals whos water consumption is a fraction of the real demand. Are we seriously still bottling water for profit, while people are on water restrictions? And why are these corporations exploiting Native American Tribal Lands and resources in what is ultimately an exploitation of humanities finite resources?

Now that I live in Colorado, I am hearing about the severe drought in the late 1990s. The water people basically used mafia style tactics to control peoples water consumption. Then, when people started conserving water, they raised their rates to "Stay Afloat." Now that they are floating so well here that the Colorado River feeds every state that it touches, the same "Drought" has shown up, but the big fields are still green, while our lawns our brown.

I believe that the answer to this entire problem is micro-farming, and communal living. Don't depend on the big machines of economy anymore. The results are local peace and happiness. The communities fill up with happy, healthy people that don't strain the health care system in later life.  It literally lends itself to World Harmony!

No big plan, just grown your own food, talk to your neighbors, and don't be a dick. Simple.

Author Joe Holt
#microfarm #dontbeadick