Monday, July 28, 2014

Lets talk about the "Human Condition" over a time frame of 100,000 years of Human History.

Lets talk about the "Human Condition" 

over a time frame of 100,000 years 

of Human History.

I have been reading through 100,000 years of Ancient Human History in the last two days and I have started to see patterns. When you can surmise history in chunks of 9-10,000 years into less that two pages of information, the patterns become all that you can see. One set of Kings kills the other over and over only to replace this "Animal God" to this other "Animal God" over, and over. The Gods change so of course you have to destroy the temples with the old Gods on them so that you can build the new temples with the new Gods faces or symbol. Then everyone is prosperous until the next cycle starts the process all over again.

The religions names and God's names change, but the stories and numbers in the stories don't. You will notice stories like floods, virgin births, miraculous cures, as well as numbers like 12, 3, 7, 9, 24, 365, 528, ect. 

isis, horus, set

Do human lives really mean so little that over and over the masses have been massacred for a very fews "new" idea of reality? Is our concept of "free will" only an illusion? The solar system moves through cycles of the stars in what is known as the Zodiac or "Animal Belt." Everything in our world is either electric, magnetic, or both. It stands to reason that your physical form and brain would be effected by these patterns. 

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The "Holy Science" would agree. It says that our sun has a "sister sun" in the universe. These two suns cycle around each other in cycles of heading towards each other, and then away. In 2012 we were as the farthest point away from our sister sun that we would be, and begun heading back towards our "universal counterbalance." The closer that we get, the faster the universe spins and consequently the pattern gets tighter, and has a greater effect on us. This allows for things to work correctly. We have been so far away from our electric and magnetic counterbalance, that our universe has become the most mathematically chaotic that it will at any point in its ever repeating cycle which would explain the chaos over the last 100 years, and especially the last 20.

If I am off on anything, please tell me if you so desire. I am just trying to understand the "truth" of our physical as well as spiritual selves and how that interrelates to this physical dimension.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii
Joe Holt