Sunday, October 22, 2017

I just published "The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf!"

"The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf!"

I have been trying to publish my Godfather's Biography for over a year through traditional means. Given that none of us are getting any younger, I decided to go with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Try as I might, I have already found a typo. Given that I did my absolute best on this project, I am not beating myself up about it. I hope you can all enjoy an incredible story!

The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf was written to preserve, if even in a small way, the legacy and incredible stories of one of the American immigrant families that came to this country via Steam Ship around the 1900s. They arrived at a time when this country was just beginning to bloom, and was then hit with two world wars. They stepped up, served their country, and built lasting legacies here by hard work and grit. They paid their taxes and didn't ask for handouts. They didn't resort to a life of crime. They pulled up their sleeves and worked hard to build their own version of the "American Dream."

You can get the Kindle version of the book now and the paperback is being published very soon. Just keep checking back on my Amazon Author Page for availability.

Author Joe Holt