Thursday, March 31, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election is a scam that has been bought and paid for by the Rothschilds

The U.S. Congress and the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the Rothschild's and their "Federal Reserve."  It is way more obvious now that this has continued as even the Supreme Court has ruled that "news" agencies can legally fabricate stories. And guess who appoints Supreme Court Judges? The President does. And while your looking around, how many times have the news agencies been married to people that work in key international positions in Congress?

With the Rothschild's running all but three of the World's central banks and worth an estimated $350 billion, how much freedom is there really in the world? And why aren't they on any of the "World's Richest People" lists? And in case you were wondering, the last couple of countries central banking systems that they have acquired are, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

O wait, you recognize those names do you? Do you know who is next? Well the only three they don't own yet are, wait for it...... Iran, North Korea, and China. O and would you know who is supposedly firing off rockets and has nukes? You guessed it; Iran and North Korea. Want to know why China isn't on that list? Because they own us. They own the national debt, and guess who owns the Federal Reserve? Yes, the Rothschild's own it. And guess who owns the U.S. Congress? And guess who's military has now invaded the last three countries who's banking systems have been bought? And guess which countries are next? This isn't a conspiracy. This is fact. There is empirical data to support every word of it.

Try going to the Federal Reserve's website. It is a .gov website. But it is not government at all. It is privately held by a few families. The Rothschild's are the main family in the equation and they started banking in Germany around 1760. They have been designing the current world banking system for over 200 years. Last year alone the Fed. Reserve increased the total U.S. currency in circulation by %15. Wouldn't it be great to just print more cash at home when you wanted to be richer? Now are you surprised that the richest family in the world, is the one printing the money?

The real problem is that the system of brainwashing and apathy is working. The only way to send a message this year, is to not vote AT ALL for President. Even when you vote, there is corruption and they pick whomever they want anyway. If everyone boycotted the obvious bullshit political/banking system that now runs our government and world, then we will at least have a starting point. Of course ending the legal right to have corporations funding politics and writing laws that are passed by lifetime politicians, would help.
How does that saying go for recovery from addiction? Something like, 
"The first step is to admit that you have a problem." 
Pretty sure the second is, 
"Do something about it."
the Presidential Race is a Scam

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