Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Breeding My First Elite Color Strangeling!

Want to know how to breed an elite color Strangeling?

Well then you came to the correct place

because yours truly, Aloha Joe, 

Have just breed my first 

Generation 8 Tier 7 

Elite White Color Strangeling!

I mixed the world Famous 

"Gator" the Hog Johnson

and the ever lovable


Now I dare say you wouldn't think 

that a gator and chocolate would mix

well, but here it is. 


The way to get a chance at a rare color is 

to breed two level 7 generation strangelings.

And if all that wasnt enough

because I truely want your hearts desires

to come true.

I am not going to keep this absolutely

loveable and adorable Rare Strangeling.

The loving "Snowflake" will be available for 

purchase on the auction house 

as soon as it goes live in a few days.

Happy Bidding!