Monday, May 19, 2014

The worldwide sailing voyage of the traditional Hawaiian Sailing Vessel Hokulea, has begun!

Aloha to the World!

The 46,000 nautical mile sailing voyage has begun from Hawaii! 
The traditional Polynesian sailing vessel, the Hokule'a is now under way.

Hokulea Sailing Vessel

You can track their progress from their main website.

You can follow their RSS Feed at

On behalf of all of the Hawaiian Islands 
I would like to offer the crew fair winds and following seas. 
May your voyage to spread Aloha to the world 
be happy and richly fulfilled.

A Poem for the Ohana

Ono, Pono, Kama'aina
Kahunas, Punas, and Lahainas
Hula, Heiaus, and Hanai
Sometimes konnichiwa and kampai

Its time to wake up the people
No more need for tv, or steeple
No More Fear, No More guilt. No more regret.
No more hatred. No more pain. No need to submit.
Boiling blood, so angry with rage
Far to long I have been stuck in a cage
There were no bars, no walls, no prison, 
it was all in my mind.
Regretting All of this time I've been walking around blind.
But its called a past for a reason
he left town, now gone with the season.
If he calls, I wont answer, Ive already left town
ask him why he's still hanging around.
If he insists ask him what he has new to say
And leaving him speechless I'll just walk away.

I don't say Pono Aina with anger or fear
Its not my duty, its my honor, just listen. You'll hear.
The whales, seals, starfish, dolphins, and sea lions,
look up its Procyon, Wezen, Pollux, and the mighty Orion
No time for a T.V. or negative vibes
Today at the beach I felt so alive
All I needed was nothing and yet I could see
Right there the world, in the deep blue Pacific Sea.

Our Hawaiian Spirit, Our Hanai, Our Ohana,
Just raised sail! Now is Hawaiki Rising!
Our Blood, Our Pride, Hokule'a
Navigating the oceans to spread our Aloha.
Climb aboard us in spirit, well show you how.
Aloha is love. Aloha is now.

A few thanks in parting we must fondly mention,
Eddie Aikau, Mau Piailug, and all of the crew
Of every time, and every nation, in every canoe.
Personally I'll thank Sam Low, and Hawaiian Pila for helping my ascension. 
All it took was my full attention.
as well as Dan Millman, Oprah, and the Buhhda too,
and now in this moment, each one of you!
Mahalo Nui Loa. Aloha Ke Akua

Joe Holt
For more information visit:

A Hui Hou.

Joe Holt