Thursday, March 6, 2014

Help a medically retired Marine take his sons on an RV tour of California this summer.

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Aloha Friends!

You will be bidding on 

Aloha Joe in Hawaii's

5.4" Natural Clear Quartz Skull. 

The reason that the Buy it Now price is so high

is that I am a medically retired Marine Sgt.

and I don't have much money.

Someone just hit my car for the third time

in a hit and run, in my parking spot,

and the car was totaled.

Insurance sent me $573 for it so I

borrowed money from them to 

buy a car from the dealership.

Turns out that that car has been

in an unreported front end collision

and I almost crashed. They fixed that

and the steering pump went out.

There is more, but you get the point.

I need to raise money to rent an RV in California

this summer, and drive my kids around the state.

I have a California Distinguished Veterans

Park Pass, and I intend to use it!

I want to show my children the 

beauty of the state.

The RV rental for one month is $3,000.

Care to help out a retired Marine?

You could also buy a

copy of my book

on Kindle, Amazon Paperback, or iTunes

and that would help as well!

Autographed Copies 

are available HERE.

Don't want to buy the skull

but want to help me see my sons? 

You can donate directly 

by using my email address on Paypal.


Semper Fidelis!

This is a Realistic Human Skull 

used in Crystal Healing.

This skull has spent time 

with skulls that were with

the Ancient Crystal Skull Synergy.

It has also now been on the 

Big Island of Hawaii

with "Aloha Joe in Hawaii"

for the last year.

I really like the cat face 

that is peeking

out of the back of this skull

in the second picture.

The ancients revered the cat as a

gateway to the Gods.

This is your chance to own 

Very Amazing 

Crystal Skull

full of some pretty unique energy!

Aloha Makana

Happy Bidding!