Thursday, August 8, 2013

Clive West and Any Subject Books for your Self Publishing Needs!

Clive West
Any Subject Books 
for your 
Self Publishing Needs!

Any Subject Books

Clive West and Any Subject Books,has made the process of self publishing my book "Aloha Joe in Hawaii" a complete joy. I was involved in every step of the editing process and they always deferred to my personal choices. I feel like they took my "journal" and created a professional book.  

I am forever grateful to Any Subject Books and the services that they provide. 

Clive's extensive knowledge of all aspects of the book creation process was invaluable. During the many text edits and creation of the book cover, I asked hundreds of questions and he was always happy to obligee. 

His attention to detail thoroughly impressed me and made my decision to go with 
Any Subject Books, for my self-publishing needs, an obviously great choice!

I am in the process of writing more books 

and could think of no one else

 I would rather produce them, 

than Clive West and Any Subject Books. 


Aloha Joe

Aloha Joe