Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aloha Joe in Hawaii's Photography Set To Ziggy Marley's "A Beach in Hawaii"

Aloha Joe in Hawaii's Photography 

set to the music of

 Ziggy Marley's 

"A Beach in Hawaii"

I bought the song on iTunes and took all of the photos.

Mahalo for watching the video. I hope you enjoy.

Double click the video for fullscreen.

I saw Ziggy Marley play at the 4th and B in San Diego, 

during his "Love is My Religion" tour. 

I stood right at his feet for hours and listening to him sing. 

It was the first time that I had ever heard words like that before. 

I felt hopeful and alive. 

I wanted to hug someone, sing, and dance all at the same time. 

Now here we are again these years later. 

Aloha Joe and Ziggy Marley. Well, he doesn't know yet. 

I purchased the song on iTunes and took the photos and made the video. 

It would warm my heart for Ziggy to know how he has continued to 

help me throughout my life, to inspire to be love.

Many thanks Ziggy!