Friday, August 16, 2013

"Aloha Joe in Hawaii" will be in print by the end of the weekend!

"Aloha Joe in Hawaii"

My Journey of self discovery and Hawaiian adventure 

will be on Amazon soon, in paperback.

I went with an 8X10 format because it reduces 

the total number of pages printed.

Aloha Joe

It is a thin book, but it came out great!

At a more standard format of 5.5X8.5 the book 

would have cost over $15 just to produce as a 

print on demand. I want to charge as little as possible

to pass the savings on to my friends and

family around the world.

As an additional value, I have added eight

photos to the print version that were not in the

 kindle or epub versions. Also, all of the photos 

are much larger and of a higher quality.

It will be great to see my dream 

of being a published author,

realized in print!